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What to Pack for a European Walking Holiday

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If, like many other UK families, you have decided to take the family on a walking holiday, there are some essential preparations to be made. While the tour operator will furnish you with all the relevant information, it won’t hurt to carry out some online research, which should help you decide exactly what to bring along. The tour operator is very experienced, and typically, your luggage will be transported on a daily basis to the accommodation venues, which allows you to only take what you need as you spend the day walking through spectacular countryside.

Local Accommodation

Forget touristy hotels and resorts, as you and your family will be staying at local inns and B&B establishments, where you can really sample the local culture. If, for example, you are interested in Italy walking holidays from Walking Europe, they have a range of fitness levels that are tailored to the hiker’s fitness and experience levels, and with some of the best European scenery, the Italian walks are some of the most popular on offer. Meet and dine with the local people, who are always happy to share their experiences with others, and you will come away with a true perspective of how the locals live.

Suitable Clothing

If you are going in the summer, then cotton T shirts and rugged hiking shorts are preferable. You should include a waterproof rain cape, just in case of a sudden downpour, and, of course, you mustn’t forget half a dozen pairs of hiking socks. Cameras and mobile devices require good protective cases, and a power bank, plus local electricity adapters are things to include. The many stunning views make the perfect backdrop for your holiday photos, so add a couple of extra SD cards to ensure ample storage space.

Hiking Boots

Trainers are not recommended, as they offer little in the way of ankle support. If you don’t already own a pair of hiking boots, now is the time to invest. Ideally, the boots should be worn in prior to the holiday, as this will avoid any painful blisters. There are online suppliers of all things connected with hiking and camping, and a few minutes of browsing should lead you to something suitable, and with a secure online payment, your hiking boots will be on their way to your doorstep.

Guidance List

The walking holiday tour operator would give you a list of suggested items to include when packing, and this would obviously be tailored to the destination and time of year, ensuring you have everything you need. Insect repellent is essential in the summer months, and you might want to include sun block, as parts of your body will receive daily exposure to the strong European sunlight.

While it isn’t recommended to take your laptop, many people bring their mobile device, along with their digital camera, and with the right protective casing, your devices will be safe and you can keep tabs on what’s happening in the world. For more information on walking holidays, an online search will put you in touch with an established tour operator, and they can help you arrange the holiday of a lifetime.

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