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The Best Places To Surf In Latin America

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South American countries are not only blessed with good food, beautiful women, and rich Latina culture, but they are also celebrated for their vast coastline, which is ideal for surfing. Surfing was recognized as a luxurious activity until recently when it was declared a competitive sport. It is now possible to train professionally as a career or decide to learn it as a hobby.

The best thing about these surfing sites is that they are never too crowded and the prices incurred are very pocket-friendly. If you ever plan to visit the Latin American countries, then you should visit https://www.dealchecker.co.uk/cheap-holidays.html and check out some of the best deals they have on the same.

Below are some of the best places to surf in Latin America;

  1. Chicama; Peru

Peru is the country rumoured to be the origin of this fascinating sport. It is home to the Chicama Region quite popular with surfers. This region has the longest left-hander in the whole world extended for almost two miles. Surfing in this region is not time constricted as the waves are available all year round, although the waves are best around the Easter period. The cool waters are complementary, considering the weather is mostly warm. The beautiful and luxurious hotels found along the coastline include surfing training classes at a fee or inclusive in their holiday deals.

  1. Itacare; Brazil

Located on the eastern Brazilian cocoa coast, the Itacare municipality is yet another Latin American site loved by surfers. The coastline is adorned with a multitude of beaches each with surf-worthy waves. To add on to the adventure, some of the beaches are accessed via a forest trail, where visiting guests can learn a thing or two about the coastline wildlife. Further down the coast, there are reefs and rich water wildlife scenery.  When you visit this region, you may leave having learned more than just surfing.

  1. Praia De Joaquina, Florianopolis; Brazil

Ever heard of sand surfing? Well, if you haven’t, let us educate you. It is simply surfing on the sand. Sand surfing is considered a bit safer and easier to learn owing to the fact it is done on land. As opposed to water surfing, you don’t have to be a good swimmer. As long as you can maintain your balance, you are good to go! However, one should still be careful as you could hurt when you fall. This beach is conducive for this activity because of its vast dune landscape.

The beach of Joaquina offers perfect water surfing conditions because of the high tide waves. This beach is famous for holding both local and international surfing competitions, which attracts a large multitude of interested parties.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an abundance of surfing destinations including Tamarindo, Jaco, and the Dominical. As a result of all these sceneries plus others, Costa Rica is known to be home of the largest surf camping sites. These sites are accessible to both the locals and the visiting guests. The camps offer budget-friendly training classes but all that will depend on the level of expertise one would like to achieve. Meaning if you desire to learn the basics, the package will be cheaper as compared to someone who wants to be trained professionally.

The Costa Rica waves are known for being the most consistent and for their availability all year round.

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