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Let a Starfish Point Tour be the Star of Your Cayman Islands Visit

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Travellers to the Cayman Islands in the Western Caribbean are known to plan their trip around world-class scuba diving sites, relaxing on pristine white sand beaches, taking Grand Cayman private boat tours to Stingray City, and enjoying the islands’ fine dining at a variety of award-winning restaurants, shopping for island-style fashions and craft items made on island, and enjoying live music at a number of clubs and beachside venues.

Perhaps not as many visitors are aware of one of the most beautiful and intriguing attractions: Starfish Point in Grand Cayman. On this remote peninsula of white sand beach, visitors will bask in the shallow protected waters – in fact, the water is so shallow and clear that no snorkel equipment is needed. And, oh, what a sight! Starfish Point is home to red cushion sea stars, commonly called starfish. Sea stars, like sand dollars and sea urchins, are invertebrates – they have no backbones (like fish). Starfish typically has five thick “arms” branching from the center “cushion,” but it is possible for them to have as many as 50 arms. Their arms have tiny pincer-like organs and suckers that allow them to creep along the ocean floor, according to the experts at National Geographic. The starfish gather in these warm, shallow waters in the Cayman Islands to sun themselves and to scavenge for food – they especially like clams, oysters and snails. Visitors may hold them (gently, and only under the water), as they are not harmful, and see them in all of their colourful glory.

The best way to see them, since this beach is off the beaten path in the north side of Grand Cayman, is with private boat charters for Starfish Point. A short boat ride from the popular tourist area of Grand Cayman will take you there, and your boat captain and crew will provide information along the way, as well as snacks and beverages.

In addition to the other attractions you plan to see while in the Cayman Islands, it’s worth making time for a Starfish Point excursion in Grand Cayman for a unique experience. Take photos while you’re there, and add them to all of the memories you take home from your visit. It’s a great excursion for the entire family. Check out Cayman Islands boat tours for the best possible experience!

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