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Learn About Popular Albuquerque Cuisine

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New Mexico is known for their delicious, unique, and local cuisine. It is often described as a mix of Native American dishes with added Spanish flavors. Think of it like a Tex-Mex fusion. If you are checking out the master planned community in Rio Rancho, then get ready to be familiar with the flavorful cuisine of Albuquerque.

Red or Green?

When dining in Albuquerque, be prepared to hear the same question over and over again – red or green? This is referring to red or green chiles, which are the most prominent ingredient behind the cooking of New Mexico. If you are looking to be spontaneous and want to pick both, this is known as “Christmas”. Be ready for green chiles to be on everything when eating in Albuquerque. Pizza, cheeseburgers, French fries, and even bagels for example.

Chiles, Beans, and Corn

One of the most popular dishes in New Mexico are the chiles rellenos. They are made from whole green chiles that are usually stuffed with cheese and meat, then dipped in batter and fried. Chile con queso is also popular, which are chiles mixed with melted cheese to create a dip. You will often see this dip alongside some spicy salsa and chips.

Fresh and Signature Dishes

Most of the dishes you come across in New Mexico will include chiles of some sort. Especially tamales. These are quite popular throughout the state and are made of meat usually mixed with chiles and spices rolled in cornmeal dough and then wrapped in corn husks. They are then steamed and of course served with a chile sauce. If you aren’t familiar with how to cook traditional cuisine in New Mexico, there are plenty of spots across Albuquerque and the rest of the state where you can find these signature dishes.

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