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Koh Samui – The Ideal Honeymoon Destination in Thailand

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If you have plans to spend an island honeymoon destination in Asia, you can choose Koh Samui, the third largest islands of Thailand after Phuket and Ko Chang. This island is one of the best island honeymoon destinations in Asia and has the finest hospitality provisions for the vacationers. Honeymooners are specially treated at Secret Retreats boutique hotels Thailand.

This island is one of the posh Thai honeymoon locations. The Asian island has a lot to offer starting from the pristine beaches to the mouth-smacking South East Asian delights served by the specialty chefs. Before booking your honeymoon in Koh Samui, know about a few major attractions of the Thai island—

  • Hin Ta and Hin Yai -Lamai Beach

Hin Ta and Hin Yai are two rock formations that are also known as grandpa and grandma rocks. This is an unbelievable piece of artwork that is absolutely a gift of nature. This beautiful art work signifies the story of creations. The natural beauty of Lamai Beach is marvelous and spectacular.

  • Big Buddha Beach

This is a must visit for the honeymooners and general honeymooners. The famous Buddha shrine is located in this beach. This is Samui’s best locations. The golden Buddha standing here is around 12 meters tall and this idol is visible far from several miles. Here you will also find small markets where small souvenirs of the Buddha temple are sold. You can collect few of them back home for friends and families.

  • Namuang Waterfall at Nathon

You will get a chance to see great waterfalls here at Samui. Na Muang is the most beautiful one among the rest water bodies. The name is so given because of the light purple rocks in the water falls. You can collect few to keep them as best collectables for the rest of your live.

  • Angthong National Marine Park

This place is 28 kilometres far from the Koh Samui Island. This park is an archipelago that is formed with 42 islands at the Gulf of Thailand. There are tall limestone towering mountains, verdant forests and sandy beaches.

These are some of the most fascinating places to enjoy in Koh Samui. Besides, honeymooners and vacationers can also explore the exotic food and culture here. Known to be one of the finest island destinations in South East Asia, Koh Samui witnesses the thousand footfalls of international tourists throughout the year.

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