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How to Care for Davits the Right Way

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It’s so common that ships and boats end up receiving a lot of care and love. However, it is equally important to show an equal amount of concern towards maintenance of the boat davit. It should be mentioned here that you’ll likely find the general opinion on davits divided. There are several reasons for it. Davits usually have a lot of advantages that are associated with them. These include quickly stowing the tender without any need to remove the engine, the fuel tanks or other items. At the same time, having a davit on your boat or cruise means that you’ll always have a lot more weight placed at the end of your boat or yacht and that it’ll always leave you vulnerable to stronger waves.

No matter what your opinion on davits might be, if you have one installed on your boat then you’ll need to properly care for it to ensure that it’s always in top condition. So, here are the best ways to ensure that your boat davit is taken care of in the right manner.

The tried and tested method

It is said that the old and traditional ways are the best as they seldom betray at the time of need. If you’re someone who believes in that then you might want to go for the method that has been routinely tried and tested. There are numerous trawlers and boats that carry their tenders on the boat deck or even the extended flying bridge. There are some boats that mount a crane. The best method you could use is to have a mast, boom rigged with a block as well as manual winches.

This method is often considered dependable because it ensures that you have control of how you lift up the dinghy. You could make this method a bit easier for yourself by installing ball bearing blocks.

There are some people prefer having multiple davits installed in their transom. However, this means that your dinghy will be in constant danger from your marina neighbors as well as docking dangers.

Use technology

While the old fashioned way has been tried and tested over several years, the advent of technology means that these kinds of tasks are a lot easier now than they were ever before. And the best part about using technology to properly care for your davit means that you will avoid all of the manual and phsycial labor associated with the traditional way.

All you’ll need to do is place a call with a technician whom you can trust and get them to take care of your davit for you. Not only do they have the proper tools and technical knowledge about what’s best for the davit, they can also pick up if the boat davit has any technical or physical faults and can promptly perform the necessary repairs.

This ensures that the boat davit is always in the best condition possible and is ready to be used whenever you want.


Another thing you can do to make sure the boat davit is in the best shape is to keep it clean and sparkling. It’s fairly common to see boat davits pick up salt deposits. So make sure you’re keeping the salt off and also dirt-free.

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