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How The Top Steakhouses Cook The Perfect Steak?

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There is a common saying “practice makes a man perfect’ and same applies to cooking too. Cooking is an art and it takes a lot of practice to become a skilled chef. However, when it comes to making the perfect steak, it’s not just the skills, but also the timing that matters. So here’s how top steakhouses manage to cook perfectly grilled steak dishes.

They Know What They Are Cooking Inside Out

There are no set rules for cooking the steak. The texture and density of the steak changes as it cooks. Chefs can cook the steak as per your preferences too. They use the thermometer to fix the desired temperature to cook your type of steak. Considering your steak choices, they ensure the perfect cooking style as the thickness also matters a lot when it comes to setting up the cooking temperature.

Oiling The Cooking Surface Properly

The cooking surface is well oiled and cleaned properly before grilling in order to ensure that the steak does not stick to the grill while cooking. Thus, serving you a perfectly grilled dish.

Seasoning It The Right Way

A good quality steak does not need too much seasoning and so the chefs at top steakhouses avoid overdoing it. They add a generous amount of pepper and salt to enhance its flavor accompanied by fresh spices and herbs.

Positioning It Aptly

Positioning the steak pieces properly to get it cooked from all the sides is important. You can expect the pieces to get cooked quickly when put on the grill. So chefs keep everything handy before they start with the grilling process while keeping a track on the grilling time to get you that perfectly grilled steak. 

Using Oil With High Smoking Point

Extra virgin olive oil is undoubtedly a great option for appropriate cooking, but certainly not when cooking your steak. This oil is really very delicate and the smoking point is too low for making steaks. That is why chefs use oil with the highest smoke point to keep things safe in the kitchen. If you want, they can add a pat of butter on the top of your steak, after removing it from the heat since fine quality fat is perfect only for finishing.

So if you want to taste the chef-made best steak dishes, Rib n Reef is known to prepare the tastiest steak delicacies.

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