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Get ready for your trip to Tanzania

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Sun, sights, servility- are some of the prominent elements for a hedonistic personality. Africa never stops to amuse the world with its hidden treasures – ranging from historical artifacts to geographical wonders and the fun-filled travel exploration manoeuvres by the tourism specialists in the region is the icing on the cake.

Amongst all the different countries in the African continent, Tanzania definitely holds a special place in the hearts of whacky travel enthusiasts. A grand itinerary ensemble which includes Beit al-Ajaib- The House of Wonders Museum in Zanzibar, watching the beautiful Flamingos on the Lake Natron, wandering across the length and breadth of Gombe National Park, or embracing the victorious feeling after conquering Africa’s highest Mountain- Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is just a small glimpse of what Tanzania has to offer to travelers from all around the world.

The proximity to sea coasts ups the heat level of a part of this country, otherwise, an overall tropical climate can be seen as a dominant feature of Tanzania. Tanzania is considered the 13th largest country of Africa. Given the plethora of geographical distribution of this region, tourists (during their short stay in the country) can either opt for an exploration of the Northern Circuit or the Southern Circuit of Tanzania. And in case you have any doubts about how to proceed with your trip, you can contact the guys at Mojhi who have so far helped out more than hundreds of people in planning their trip to Tanzania.

Northern Circuit of Tanzania

The Tanzanian Odyssey is more or less incomplete without a trip to its Northern Circuit. Given the presence of inexplicable and enigmatic tour to the conspicuous National Parks like the Serengeti Park, Arusha Park, Kilimanjaro, Lake Manyara, and Mkombzi National Parks, respectively plays a crucial role in the great tourist attraction and distribution channels in this part of the country. To be precise, it houses the “so-called” tourist capital of Tanzania – Arusha.

If you find peace in the groanings of the beasts and chirpings of birds, you must plan a trip to this part of the country for it has a great distribution of endangered species of black rhinos, wildebeest, cranes, flamingos, elephants, lions, buffaloes, etc. etc. etc.

Pick up your photography tools and get on a safari expedition in this part of Tanzania for an everlasting bond with nature and its breath-taking phenomenon.

Southern Circuit

One of the least explored regions of Tanzania is its ‘Southern Circuit’. But haven’t you heard that treasures are usually found in the path not taken that often. One of the most surprising getaways (from the Southern Circuit) is Iringa which joins the African Rift Valley in the South. Some of the other offerings of this part of Tanzania are – the Mikumi National Park, Udzungwa Mountains, Ruaha National Park, Uluguru Mountains, Kilombero Valley, and Selous, respectively. For a picturesque view of native and inconspicuous species of birds like Kilombero Weaver, or White-tailed Cisticola, an exceptional species of wild dog and over 13,000 elephants, and even a quite a native species of Ruaha lions, one must visit Southern circuits without a second thought.

Number of Days

For an illuminating and illustrative journey to Tanzania, you must take a break of at least two weeks. This duration will not only allow the tourists to explore the architectural authenticity of the country (inspired from its German inhabitants majorly) to a plethora of geographical attractions in either the Northern or Southern circuit of Tanzania.


For a single person, the expenses per day/night may amount to US $80 (on an average). Hence, planning the budget well in advance, with a good amount of preparation can help maintain the spirit of the journey.

Date of Travel

The best time to plan a trip to Tanzania is usually considered between the months of March to May (also termed as the “dry season” for a Safari trip).

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