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Changing Bike Gears: Five Awesome Tips for Beginners

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Whatever type of bike you ride, you always have gears. These mechanical wonders let you speed up to wind that whistles speed along flat roads. It is important to learn how to use these gears to have a fun and fast ride. Consider the tips below:

Take Time to Practice

Expect to use those gears many times and you may be practicing them as you ride your bike. However, if your bike is new or you are new to cycling, you need to take time getting used to changing gears. When practicing, shift the gears up and down, front and back until you can change gear nearly instinctively. Mastering the shifts can help you when you climb a hill and you realize you need a quick shift. Get more of this from https://spycycle.uk/.

Avoid Using the Opposite Extreme Ends of the Gears

Shifting the gears of the back and staying on one chain ring can be tempting. Although this is mostly okay, you should not use the gears’ opposite extreme ends. This can wear out both the gears and chains, result in costly repairs.

Expect the Hill

As you approach a hill, prepare yourself to begin shifting down the gears once you start climbing the hill. This ensures you don’t get caught in a too hard gear on your halfway up. This can prevent you from peddling. To easily get up hills, shift to the easiest gear and then spin your legs. In case, you get caught up in a very hard gear shift, consider riding sideways across the slope first before you change gear.

Use the Right and Left Gears for your Advantage

If you are approaching a hill, shifting down using the left shifter can be your best option. This allows for an easier gear. The rear gears can be used for fine-tuning.

Take the Shifting Slowly

In case you are speeding on the flat or down a hill, do not shift up to a higher gear right away. This can result in the chain jumping off the gears in some bikes. Therefore, you will have to stop and put the gears back on. So focus on shifting gradually, ensuring the chain has engaged with every new gear before you move into the next one. Keep in mind that various gear systems will have various responses so make sure you become familiar with the sensitivity of your bike to this.

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