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Are You Interested to Know About the Climate of The Dominican Republic?

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Most of the time of the year the climate around Dominican Republic remains beautiful tropical weather and the average temperature is around 25ᵒC or 77ᵒF. Since, all throughout the year, sun shines brightly and climate is warm.

There is very little difference between winter and summer temperatures in the Dominican Republic climate, however months between November to April is termed as winter season. During this period humidity level is slightly lower and the temperature during night becomes little cooler as compared to summer months.

If you visit the coastal side near the beaches then the day temperature is normally 28ᵒC or 83ᵒF during the day and during the night the temperature falls to 20ᵒC or 68ᵒF. However, if you visit the mountains then the temperature is pretty low. If you ever visit highest peak of the mountain then the temperature can go below freezing point too. Sometimes on the peaks of the mountain you can find frost too.

The summer climate in Dominican Republic is between the months May to October. During this period the day temperature in the coastal region goes as high as 31ᵒC or 87ᵒF and during night time it cools down to 22ᵒC or 72ᵒF. As the humidity in summer rises up, you will feel the effect of summer much more as compared to the winter season.

In whichever climate you choose to visit the Dominican Republic, Cordillera central mountain region which is located around Constanza and Jarabacoa is always very cool, where temperature remains around 16ᵒC or 61ᵒF. On the other hand, if you visit the desert area in southwest part of the Dominican Republic the temperature remains little higher at around 40ᵒC or 104ᵒF.

Most of the rainfall occurs in the northern region during the months between October to April.  In the southern region of the country the maximum rainfall occurs during May to November.  There can be torrential rain in all areas of the country however for very short duration. Sometimes there can be major storms too however they are for very short duration. Within short time sun again shines brightly.

Like most of the other Caribbean countries, sometimes hurricanes may also occur and generally it can happen during the month of June to end of November. As per the past history, majority of hurricane has taken place during the months between August and September.

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