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A One Bedroom Apartment Has Many Advantages Over A Hotel

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If you are coming to London, whether on your own or with a partner, have you considered staying in an apartment rather than a hotel? You can rent a 1 bedroom apartment in Central London for considerably less than you would pay for a hotel room, and the longer you stay the more money you will save. There is, of course, VAT included in the rent for an apartment at a rate of 20%. However, if you are staying for longer than a month, that rate is reduced to 4% after the first 30 days, so you will save even more.

There are just so many benefits to staying in an apartment in Central London. To begin with, when you stay in a hotel you have a room which is basically a bedroom. When you have a one bedroom apartment you have the bedroom, of course, but you also have a reception/living room and you have a fully fitted kitchen as a minimum. That’s three times what you have in a hotel, and you might also have a separate dining room and utility room as well.

 One of the biggest luxuries is that reception/living room/lounge or whatever you want to call it. Here you can relax and stretch out on a sofa on your own or with your partner, which you can’t do in a hotel. With the best will in the world, a hotel may have a lounge, but you are sharing it with heaven knows how many other people, whereas in your apartment the space is all your own.

If you are staying for any length of time, there is the problem of laundry. In a hotel you have to fit in with the hotel’s laundry system and pay the hotel prices for doing your laundry. In your apartment you will have a washer and dryer and you can do your own laundry as and when it suits you, just as you would at home, and it is effectively free.

You can also cook what you want when you want, and all you have to do is buy your food from the local shops at retail prices. All right, it may be nice to have a hotel cook your meals for you, but you are restricted to their menu and you have to pay hotel prices. If you really don’t feel like cooking dinner one evening, you can simply stroll outdoors and you will find dozens of restaurants of all types within a few minutes’ walk in Central London.

When you have the choice of renting an apartment on a short term basis (and it doesn’t have to be too short – you could rent for six months if you wanted to) it does make you wonder why anyone would want to stay in a hotel.

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