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4 Must-Visit Places on a Singapore-Malaysia Tour

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Any trip to Southeast Asia remains incomplete without a visit to Singapore and Malaysia. The Lion City roars to welcomes tourists with its amazing cuisines, family-friendly attractions, jaw-dropping architectures, and rich cultures and traditions. Malaysia is an equally stunning destination. You’ll find cultural diversity (a natural draw for Indian travelers), heritage sites, breathtaking beaches, and rich flora and fauna. Let’s now dig in further and learn about four top destinations in Singapore and Malaysia that have rest of the world talking all the time. They are a must in all Singapore Malaysia tour packages originating from India. Find out.


1. Gardens by the Bay

With a total area spanning 250 acres, the Gardens by the Bay is a nature park in central Singapore. It is an effort by the Singapore government to transform the island city state into a city in a garden and increase the quality of life by enhancing the green cover. This iconic spot is designed to be a premier urban space for outdoor recreation. The park draws millions of visitors every year. Strategically located next to the Marina Reservoir, the park consists of three waterfront gardens – Bay East Garden, Bay Central Garden, and Bay South Garden. Overall, the park is huge, colorful, and futuristic. If you love to be in the midst of nature once in a while, then include this place in your bucket list.

2. National Museum of Singapore

Loved history classes in school? If yes, then the Singapore History Museum might interest you. It is the oldest museum in Singapore, dating back to 1849. Housed in the elegant National Museum building, the museum presents the rich heritage of the Singaporeans. With free admission, the museum serves as the best introduction of Singapore to outsiders. The museum is particularly noted for its ethnology and archaeology collections, as well as for its great presentation of Singapore during both war and peace time.


1. Batu Caves

Batu Caves is a mystical limestone hill in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the country with a series of caves. Climb up the strenuous but fulfilling 272 steps, and witness the beautiful Hindu shrine that houses the world’s largest statue of Lord Murugan. Highly revered by Hindus devotees, Batu caves are unique in that it is not common to find such limestone caves amidst a sprawling city. The temple site is considered one of the holiest not only in Malaysia but in the entire Southeast Asian region. Take a trip to the caves and see everything in less than an hour. The best time of the day to visit it is in the morning when the humidity level remains relatively low.

2. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is the perfect spot to plan your weekend trip a little away from the city. Discovered in 1885 by William Cameron, a British expedition leader, the Highlands is one of the wonders of Malaysia. With its matchless panoramic views of the rustic towns and tea plantations, the area offers enough photo-oportunity to visitors. In fact, the restorative lush tea plantations are the biggest magnets for tourist in the Cameron Highlands. You can also sample some of the freshly picked fruits and veggies in the local markets. A bonus point is an opportunity to enjoy the breezy and fresh cool air. The temperature in the heights rarely goes beyond 30 degree celsius.


Whether you are taking Singapore Malaysia packages from Mumbai or Ahmedabad, the above destinations are worth it; they will never disappoint you. They are among some of the most alluring places to visit in Southeast Asia during lifetime. Remember a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let that first step be somewhere near home in Asia. Don’t wait any more. Book your favorite packages for family or friends online now at the best available prices. Bon voyage!

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