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3 Awesome Unknown Places In Kerala

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A state like Kerala has so much to offer. Known as God’s own country, it houses a vast number of beautiful cities, and hence it is bound that a few awesome places would go unnoticed by the masses. These 3 places are mainly unknown by many people and wrongfully so, for all it takes is a visit to these places to make you wonder how you missed out on these locations.


Thenmala being the first eco-tourism destination in the country, is a place filled with beauty and wildlife, in the form of rivers, dams and forests. If you consider yourself a nature lover then this place will be worth your entire time there. Also housing deer parks and places for a lot of adventure, Thenmala is one of those places you wish you knew about before. Around 600 – 650 km from both Bangalore and Chennai, the bike ride is a wonderful way to get there. In this day and age even if you don’t have a bike, just check out popular websites like www.wheelstreet.com for renting bikes in Bangalore.


Gavi is a small village in the state of Kerala, and is situated inside the Ranni Reserve Forest. This place is brimming with a vast variety of flora and fauna, and enthusiasts will love this about it. Kerala’s own Forest Department arranges many interesting and exciting activities for the people that are visiting and are very helpful during the trip. The temperature and climate are quite cool and remain that way even during summers which makes visiting Gavi easy for people on different schedules. However bikes are not allowed there, and restaurants and hotels are in a limited number, the place and its beauty is definitely worth visiting.


Ponmudi is a hill resort in Kerala that few have even heard about. Safely tucked away in the hills of the Western Ghats, this place offers great trekking sites. The hills of Ponmudi are covered to the max with tea plantations, which is an exquisite site to behold. Also hosting a wide variety of unique flora and fauna, waterfalls, and green-to-the-brim valleys and hills, this place makes for a lovely trip to take. The place is approximately 60 km away from the capitol of the state, Thiruvananthapuram. If you plan on making this trip a rather long one and go all out on a lengthy road trip, try head out with a bike from Chennai, as its around 730 km to Ponmudi. If you don’t have a bike, try renting bikes from Chennai online. Visiting Ponmudi should be on your trips-to-take list as it has a lot to offer and for those who want to stay and chill back or explore the place for a little bit longer can easily do so, as Ponmudi offers a lot of hotel and lodging places to rent out. As the monsoons get a little bit more than wet, winter time is considered best to visit Ponmudi and is considered the best time of the year to be able to properly enjoy your visit there.

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