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Things you Should Know About Rome Before you Visit

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Rome is one of the most beautiful city in world you will ever come across. Rome is a place which is enriched with culture and traditions. Almost around every corner of the city you will find a church or a museum from which you can’t able to take your eyes off.

There was a time when rome was wealthiest city in the western world. They carried their forefathers culture beautifully which is now mixed with some delicious food and people that make this place a cosmopolitan city also.

I would not hesitate to say that the place is equally romantic as it is traditional, the air of rome has some magic which make the atmosphere electrifying for anyone who visit the city.

If you’re planning your next trip to this mesmerizing place then it is essential to know the lifestyle of rome people.

This will prevent you from offending the localities as well as prepare you for the trip that will help you to get most out of it :-

  1. Beware of street pickpockets

If you find anyone on rome street giving away a flower or a gift then don’t accept. They are not pleased to find a beautiful tourist like you, this is their sales technique to take money out of your pocket. Sometimes, they just steal some money from your purse by using this trick. Say “no” and walk away from every person who comes in between your way.

  1. Be covered, while visiting church

The people of rome believes too much in their culture that they don’t allow any kind of casual behaviour towards it. Till the date, they keep carrying the tradition forward in a same way it was in the beginning. Avoid going to churches when you are wearing shorts or tank tops etc. sometimes they even restrict you from entering the church when even a little part of body is bared. Wear full pants and t-shirts or shirt whenever you feel like praying.

  1. Transportation rules

If you’re travelling with the kid whose age is less than 10 years then you don’t need to pay for their ticket as the travelling is free of cost for them in rome. Purchase a ticket prior to boarding as you can’t buy when you board one. You have 75 hours to utilize same ticket for any other bus or metro. I’ll suggest you to make a pass for 7 days or 30 days depends on your stay. It will save your money as well as time which will spend in a que for the the ticket on a regular basis.

  1. Get ready for walks

You have heard lot of people saying the best way to explore rome is by foot. I will say the same, as you will find very least transportation facility which are connecting to  primary locations of the city. Also, rome is all about exploring the small corners of the city which has eye pleasing structure. So tie your shoe laces tight and get ready to walk on the streets.

  1. Learn italian

Yes! You need to learn some basic italian in order to communicate with the localites clearly. Although, you will find many rome’s speaking fluent english at most of the tourist attraction locations. If your aim is to explore the life of localites and make the trip adventurous by visiting unexplored places of the city then you need to learn some italian before you reach there. people of rome are proud of their language and avoid speaking in english ( sometimes even for tourist).

Italy is filled with exotic and beautiful locations that one may always wondered to see from his/her naked eyes once in a life. When you visit there you will feel the difference how good the atmosphere of the place is. I heard people saying, italy is expensive for vacations but, i will go against it and say you will find cheap flight tickets and place within budget. If you plan your trip carefully and take enough amount of time in budgeting, planning and research etc.

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