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Must-see Attractions in New York City

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There are many iconic places to visit in New York City—the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, and Central Park to name a few. These famous landmarks are almost always at the top of people’s lists of must-see attractions when traveling to the city for the first time. However, there are also plenty of lesser known spots that you definitely cannot miss either. Here are a few of them.

The Spooky Side Of Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is known for its jazz clubs, Off-Broadway Theaters, and artistic, Bohemian vibe. These are reason enough to visit, but if you really want the complete and memorable experience, you should book a guided walking tour where you can learn about the Ghosts of New York City. You’ll never think of Greenwich Village the same way again.

Every night, a knowledgeable and engaging tour guide will conduct a 90-minute ghost tour of New York through the historic village, where you can hear all about the city’s strange and fascinating past. Expect to hear plenty of stories about spooky events and paranormal activity, all of which are based on extensive research and actual historical facts. Drop by famously haunted landmarks such as the Edgar Allan Poe House and Mark Twain’s House of Death. This is an experience you surely won’t forget, and it will give you a whole new perspective on New York’s incredibly rich and complex history.

The Lush Grounds Of New York Botanical Garden

Central Park is obviously the city’s most renowned park, but another urban oasis worth checking out is the 250-acre New York Botanical Garden. This National Historic Landmark located in the Bronx is home to more than a million living plants housed in various, extensive collections.

Don’t miss the Holiday Train Show from November to January, where delightful model trains whizz through a display of 150 landmarks re-created with bark, leaves, and other natural materials, all under the soft glow of twinkling lights. The Garden also hosts several events such as poetry readings and Bar Car Nights, but for a more laidback visit, simply take a peaceful stroll around its lovely and serene grounds. It is a refreshing taste of nature in the heart of a bustling, buzzing, dynamic city.

The Vibrant Streets Of Chinatown

You should absolutely, positively make time to visit the densely populated neighborhood of Chinatown in Lower Manhattan when you go on a trip to New York. The food alone is reason enough to go—get your fill of delicious steamed dumplings, hearty pork buns and pulled noodles from one of the many authentic Chinese and Southeast Asian restaurants that dot the area. But the dazzling colors and sounds, not to mention the numerous bizarre and interesting attractions—will also make a lasting impression.

There is plenty to see and do in this thriving neighborhood, from enjoying a cup of trendy bubble tea, to watching locals play chess and mahjong in Columbus Park, to belting out a tune at the top of your lungs in one of several karaoke bars in the area. You would definitely be missing out if you skipped this cultural hub on your trip.

These are just a few of the must-see attractions you should add to your itinerary when you visit New York City—there are literally dozens more. One trip is not enough to see all there is to see in this captivating city. To make the most of your time, it’s worth doing your research before you visit, and planning to see more than just the usual popular tourist spots.

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