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How island holidays can be the best bet for the whole family

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Many of us dream of that picture perfect island in the middle of nowhere to relax, unwind and have our next vacation. There is no dearth of Luxurious island vacation deals either. But the problem arises when we are vacationing with the family and often wonder if an island holiday will have something for everybody, including the kids. It is true that most idyllic islands do come about as being perfect vacation spots for the people seeking some calm and quiet and do not appeal much to youth or children but these days, most island vacations comprise of sights and activities that can keep the whole family engaged and provide wholesome vacation experience for the whole family. In this article let us discuss a few ways in which you can enjoy the island holiday package that you have dreamt of.

1) Get the sun: While the westerners and the people with white skin dream of having a tan, we in India generally try to avoid the sun as much as possible, for exactly the opposite reason. The fact is, that sunlight is extremely important for human beings as a vital source of vitamin D that helps our body to absorb calcium. In big cities, especially for people that work in offices and have little opportunity to be exposed to the sun, including children, a beach vacation is the perfect time to get all the sun that you need. Depending on the season, you can either just laze around on the beach or if it is very hot, try going there in the mornings or early evenings, when the sun is not all that hot.

2) Get fit: Although it might sound slightly out of the place, trying to be fit on your vacation whereas vacations are synonymous with overeating, relaxing and chilling out, but the fact is that an island or a beach provides natural spaces and motivation for being physically active that mundane city life doesn’t. Apart from swimming, which itself is a great exercise, you can also go for long walks on the beaches, go hiking, trekking, snorkeling or diving and encourage the youngsters in the group to do the same. If you really think about it, it is easy to see how a beach vacation can be one of the best chances to become physically active and since you are on a vacation anyway, there is no pressure of work, so you can even spare longer than you normally would on physical fitness and getting back into shape.

3) Read: Although this is the age of the internet with availability of electronic texts, such as this one, the fact is there is something magical about sitting on a lounge chair next to a beach, enjoy the breeze, have your favorite beverage and read a book that you have been wanting to read for long. You can also encourage the youngsters to read more and introduce them to your favorite authors. This way, your island vacation will really become one of the best that you have ever had and will also give you a chance to get back to your passion of reading out of the printed text.

4) Make Friends: The Internet is full of vacationers finding great friends, even partners while on a beach vacation. The entire setting of a beach on a secluded island, with little else to do than eating, swim and interact with the locals and fellow holidaymakers are a great recipe for making friends from different parts of the world or the country. A beach vacation can be quite an eye-opener as well as a great learning experience for you to get to know different cultures, languages and to learn the habits and way of life of people different to you. It is also a great idea to make friends in the place you are living or visiting for food or drink and get to know their stories.

5) Be a family: In our busy lives, we hardly find time to spend quality time with the families. Even on off days, there is the pressure of running errands, doing some odd jobs, meeting people or just preparing for the next day. There is hardly a chance to have a situation where nobody has anything to do and the whole family can just do things together and enjoy the togetherness and understand each other better. This is especially true for the newly wedded couples and the siblings or relatives that do not normally get a lot of chance to spend with each other, such as cousins, nephews or nieces. Even a couple of days spent with the family in the idyllic setting of a beach are quite valuable to become closer to each other and to enjoy quality family time.

Where to go: India itself has quite a few islands near its coastline that are great vacation spots. Among the island holidays near India, Andaman and Nicobar islands, Lakshadweep islands, Diu, Diwar etc. which are all great vacation spots and are being frequented more and more by families on a holiday. Although earlier, island and beach vacations were mostly the prerogative of the young and the unattached, such as the hippies and the like, these days it is becoming a trend to take an island vacation with the whole family since really, there is plenty to do for the whole family. Although these islands might not have the glitzy malls or tourist attractions of bigger vacation spots, the fact that these provide a lot of opportunities for connecting, relaxing and enjoying some quality time with friends and family is beyond doubt. Among the most sought after travel deals on the Internet today, Island Holiday deals are quickly becoming popular and for good reason. Whether is the lure of the exciting beach games and making new friends or just catching up on your reading or getting the much-required exposure to the sun, an island vacation is for everyone.

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