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Climbing p. Musala – 2925 m.a. – Rila. Climbing peak Musala person climb not only one of the highest peaks of Bulgaria, but the highest peak on the Balkan peninsula.Snow cover lasts for eight long months, as the temperature above 0 °C is only 4 months during the year.With the construction of the cabin lift Borovets - Yastrebets, climbing to the summit has become available to many people, within only one day.The route passes through the beautiful Musala's lakes, immediately below the top is located so called icy lake - the highest lake in Bulgaria. The Pik is also included in the 100 national sites of Bulgaria.

Climbing p. Vihren – 2914 m.a. – Pirin. Vihren is the second highest peak in Bulgaria.It is characterized by diverse shapes when viewed from different directions.In the summer, if you look at it from the northeast,it seems like that is covered with snow. The summit is made by marble rocks, thats why it can not absorb water. This makes the whole area of anhydrous, which is the cause of humbly submitted plant world.
The peak climbs on the main trail, known as the "King's Trail", Reaching Kabata, from which you can climb the actual pyramid. In the northeast there is the descending vertical wall, popular climbing site in the winter (Djamdjiev Rub), a passage that requires alpine skills. It is also part of the 100 national sites.



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